Why Superpowers Might Be Dangerous to Have

19th September 2018

The idea of gaining superpowers has always been appealing. Finding a way out of your ordinary boring life and making yourself into something extraordinary is a secret fantasy we’ve all played in our head a least once. But there’s two sides to every coin, and having superpowers isn’t as awesome as you read about in comic books and see in superhero movies. If you wanna know why you really don’t want these superhuman abilities, watch our new video.

What if you were invisible 1:29
What if you had superhuman strength 5:21
How about super speed? 6:27

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– You’d be invisible to everyone else, but everyone else would also be invisible to you! To get around that problem, you’d have to make a lot more photons go into your eyes than they normally do, and all those light particles being in your eyes would actually make them glow.
– Being invisible takes away visual information. Walking up and down the stairs in the dark is scary because we can’t see the stairs, but it’s still possible because the proprioceptors in your body know where your limbs are.
– If you measure super strength by your ability to punch through a concrete wall, then you’d have to generate about 25,000 Newtons of force, which is about 100 times more than the average person.
– The real problem comes with the level of acceleration it would take for you to reach the speeds these superheroes do.
– You’d need to have other superpowers to protect you from the effects of instantaneous acceleration because, otherwise, your legs would snap right in half as soon as you tried it!
– It’s not just your body that wouldn’t be able to deal with so much acceleration at once; your brain isn’t equipped to handle it either.

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