Why Do People Like You? A True Personality Test

3rd December 2018

How to know if people like you? A beautiful smile, a fantastic body, or a sense of humor that makes everybody laugh out loud — we all have something that others fall in love with. You might think it’s one thing, but when looking at it from someone else’s perspective, it could be something totally different. However, knowing your strength means being able to use it to the fullest. So do you wanna find out what your best asset is? Then take the test!

You have 10 questions to answer and 10 seconds to pick the option that sounds most like you. Don’t overthink it, and then you’ll get the most accurate results. You’ll find out how many points you get after each question, so grab a pencil, and write them all down.

Question #1 1:00
Question #2 1:51
Question #3 2:41
Question #4 3:37
Question #5 4:34
Question #6 5:24
Question #7 6:06
Question #8 6:54
Question #9 7:42
Question #10 8:26

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– If you got 100 to 170 points, everyone loves you for your kind nature! Your friends know they can rely on you, and that goes without saying. But there’s something about you that makes even strangers feel you’re the one to ask for directions or to help make an urgent phone call. Be careful, and make sure no one takes advantage of that!
– If your final score is between 180 and 250 points, it’s your wit and sense of humor that make you irresistible. Boring has never been part of your vocabulary since you don’t even know what it means. Remember about the power of your words, and use them wisely to make new friends and succeed at whatever you do! And keep that positive attitude of yours.
– Did you score 260 to 320? It must be your wisdom and skills that everyone appreciates about you. People approach you for advice and expertise. You sound and are, indeed, all-knowing. It always feels good to talk to someone that smart and reasonable, you know. Finding easy solutions to the most complicated problems is your thing.
– If your final score is 330 to 400 points, it’s your amazing good looks that make you so irresistible. You invest a good deal of time and effort in yourself. You know what’s in and what’s out this season. Most importantly, you know what’s good for you. And, of course, it’s not just your clothing style that makes people like you but your charming smile!

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