Why Cockroaches Are So Hard to Kill?

15th September 2018

How to get rid of cockroaches? Why is it so hard to do this? You come face to face with these little monsters on a daily basis — flying from wall to wall, lounging on your sink, crawling on your countertop, or chilling on your headboard while you’re asleep. They taunt you over and over again. Today we’ll find out the reason behind the indestructibility of cockroaches and other insects.

How cockroaches survived for more than 320 million years 1:47
What in their genes is? 2:53
What if you cut their heads off 4:05
Some other insects that are difficult to get rid of 5:17
Mountain Stone Weta 5:23
Bed Bugs 6:20
Housefly 7:29
Fire Ants 8:23

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– The World Health Organization says that the most notorious are the American, German, Oriental, Australian, and brown-banded cockroaches.
– Their original breeding ground can be found in Africa, and they hitchhiked on boats around the year 1625 to spread terror in the US and all over the world. What ambitious pesky insects!
– There are 154 olfactory receptors, which is twice as many as any other insect. Hmm…it’s no wonder it can easily zero in on the tiniest crumb on the floor! This creepy-crawly also has 522 gustatory (or taste) receptors, and this means one thing: it isn’t a picky eater.
– The roach’s brain doesn’t control its breathing; instead, it sucks in air through its tracheae, which is connected to its spiracles. This insect can live for weeks because it’s cold-blooded, and the antennae of its decapitated head can still wave and say “Hello!” to you for several hours.
– The mountain stone weta is from New Zealand, more specifically, the Southern Alps. This grasshopper-like insect was already roaming Earth during the prehistoric era — just like cockroaches.
– The bed bug gene (yes, genes again!) contains enzymes and proteins that can fight off chemicals from pesticides. It doesn’t only contain purely bed bug genes but also genes from other organisms like the parasitic bacterium Wolbachia.
– The housefly occupies almost 90% of human habitations. Its origin lies in Central Asia, and it carries over 100 serious pathogens like cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis. They are one of the sleekest insects, and no amount of swatting can kill them off easily.
– Fire ants have a special killing condition to successfully prevent this from happening. Fire ants are social creatures, most especially their queens. Fire ant queens can unite with other queens to create a new colony together.

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