What If There Were No Rain for 50 Years?

4th December 2018

What would happen to our world if it stopped raining? Dead plants. Violent world wars. The spread of deadly diseases. These sound like things that occurred in our distant past, don’t they? Believe it or not, these things and worse can occur on our planet in our not-too-distant future. That is, if we weren’t to see rain for many years. While it’s easy to think of water as nothing more than something we need for drinking and bathing, water dictates our entire ecosystem. Without it, life as we know it would cease to exist.

While we don’t have reason to believe rainfall will stop completely anytime soon, Earth’s climate is slowly becoming warmer, forcing people to reflect on their lifestyles and see if there’s a need to slow down on water intake. To prevent these damaging effects from happening, you can do your part to preserve water by using careful judgment and not using more than you need.

Disruption of the water cycle 2:13
No more plants 3:52
No more food 4:32
Major atmosphere changes 5:23
The spreading of diseases 6:36
No more electricity 7:09
Wars 8:00

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– Trees provide us with oxygen and wood to make paper, housing, and so much more. But without water, trees and greens would cease to exist, dramatically cutting our resources. Even something as simple as staying alive would be difficult without rain since humans need to drink about 8 glasses of water a day to stay alive.
– First off, without rain, there would be a major disruption in what scientists call “The Continuous Water Cycle.”
– If the water cycle is disrupted and no longer provides rain, there won’t be enough water left on Earth to use. A whopping 72% of Earth consists of water.
– If there’s no rain, that means that the plants humans and animals depend on for food will cease to grow. Think about it: Vegetables and fruit will be no more.
– Animals that feed on plants (known as herbivores) will no longer have anything to eat if rain ceases to fall. That means animals like zebras and giraffes will no longer have anything to munch on.
– On top of providing us with the air we breathe, plants and trees protect us from other harsh natural elements like the sun’s strong rays and harmful winds. Without this extra protection, humans will have to deal with rising temperatures and other scary new weather.
– Most of the world hasn’t seen a major plague for at least 100 years. But if rain ceased to exist, people would drop like flies thanks to the rampant diseases that would be spreading.
– Without water, electricity would become unusable. That’s because without water, there’d be no steam in power plants to generate electricity. In addition, nuclear power plants would have no water to cool them off, which basically means they couldn’t function.
– If there were a lack of water, nations that needed more of it would go to battle to get it. Water would become incredibly valuable as it became more and more scarce, and wars would break out all over the world for it.

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