What If Countries Were People?

18th August 2018

The 7.6 billion people of the world are all spread out among 195 countries, each with its own unique culture, values, and even extremely diverse regional characteristics. They’re diverse and curious enough already, but let’s imagine an even more curious situation: what if all the countries in the world turned into humans? What would these humans look like? How old would they be? What kind of character would they have?

The oldest people 1:02
The youngest people 2:05
People with most and least STEM degrees 2:44
The richest people 3:50
The happiest people 4:34
The most multilingual people 4:57
Those with the best military 5:43
The biggest chocolate-lovers 6:27
Those who drink the most alcohol 6:51
The greatest coffee-lovers 7:40
The greatest tea-lovers 8:18
The person with the biggest and the smallest house 8:56
The most and the least bundled up people 9:24

Music: Vibe Tracks – Foundation

-The oldest person in our group of 195 people would either represent Japan, China, or San Marino, since those are the three countries most often listed as the first to be established.
-The youngest members of our group would be Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Eritrea, Palau, Timor-Leste, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and South Sudan.
-China’s representative would be the smartest person in our group. The countries of Sub-Saharan Africa award the least amount of STEM degrees each year.
-The richest person in the group, if we’re basing it on GDP, would be the United States.
-The top spot in the overall happiness rating goes to Finland, who’s closely followed by Norway, last year’s champ.
-There are as many as 880 languages spoken in India, and they all originate from 6 ancestral language families.
-The country with the most well-developed military would definitely be the United States.
-Switzerland’s representative would eat 150 million pounds of chocolate each year.
-The Czech Republic drinks the most alcohol out of all the countries in the world with about 37 gallons consumed annually per capita.
-Finnish people drink the most coffee out of everyone in the world, with about 26.5 pounds consumed by each person every year.
-Citizens of Turkey, Morocco, and Ireland consume 16.6, 9.6, and 7.1 pounds of tea a year, respectively.
-With 6.6 million square miles within its borders, Russia is the biggest country in the world. Vatican City fits inside the city of Rome and is only .17 square miles.
– Russia would also probably be the most bundled up. Libya would probably be dressed a lot more lightly since this is the hottest country in the world.

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