Q&A 68: What If It’s Really a Vast Government Conspiracy? And More…

13th September 2018

In this week’s questions show, I explain how I’d react if it turned out the government was hiding evidence of aliens. How we communicate with Mars when it goes behind the Sun, and why we should bother building space telescopes any more.

Thumbnail photo by Steve Jurvetson

01:22 Undeniable proof of aliens?
04:09 How do we communicate with Mars when it’s behind the Sun?
05:26 Why build space telescopes any more?
06:35 When will TESS be operational?
07:10 You should read my newsletter.
07:49 Have we looked hard enough for aliens?
11:07 Can a black hole travel faster than light?
12:14 How can we see the CMB in all directions?
15:07 What about an astronaut firefighter?
15:47 Can Orion fly on Atlas or Delta?
17:46 What if you find gold on the Moon?
19:38 Will Dyson spheres use anything but metal?

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