Korean Billy Explains The Story Behind His Dialect Videos

13th April 2018

Business Insider spoke to Seong-Jae Kong, also known as ‘Korean Billy’, a YouTuber who found fame after his English dialect explainers went viral. He explained how regional dialects surprised him when he first visited England, and how the novelty of an Asian person speaking in a ‘Scouse’ accent helped his videos appeal to both British and Korean audiences.

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Following is a transcript of the video:

So, I made the first dialect video about two years ago. And that was after graduation, and after spending my time in the UK. So after graduation, I just wanted to work as a broadcaster actually, but I couldn’t really get a job really easily. I opened my YouTube channel, and I was just thinking of some video ideas, and I was reminded of my time in the UK, especially in Northern England.

Two years ago I made a video about Cockney accents and Liverpool accents. I think after two weeks of posting my first accent video, it just started to get hundreds of thousands of views. It got featured by lots of media and newspapers. I just made that video for Korean audiences, Korean viewers. But what was really surprising was British people started to come to my channel and watch my videos. That was a really exciting and surprising moment for me.

I think that British people think that it would be really interesting to see a random Asian guy — from the opposite side of the globe — speaking in a Scouse accent, and a Scottish accent.