How Our World Would Change If Everyone Became Vegan

14th May 2018

We all know someone who is plant-based and never eats meat products because they are vegan. There are different reasons why people choose to go vegan, perhaps for their own personal health, for the sake of the environment, or to stop animal suffering. But let’s imagine what would happen if everybody on the planet suddenly decided to become vegan?

Even if some farm animals, say, sheep or pigs, can somehow adapt to life in the wild, it won’t likely be the same case for others like chickens, for instance, because they’re simply too domesticated and unfit for life off the farm. And just because they’re free to roam where they choose, that doesn’t mean they’ll be well-fed and healthy.
Economies around the world have their own serious problems to deal with. The inhabitants of countries like Burundi, Eritrea, and Zambia don’t even have time to think about going vegan. The lack of food and major famine leaves them happy with just about anything to eat.
If everyone suddenly went vegan, the land that we used to graze livestock or grow food for them would no longer be occupied. Since we “stole” a lot of this territory from the forests, then we can return what is Mother Nature’s and plant trees in this freed-up space.
If they have an unbalanced diet, vegans may develop a deficiency of vital substances like protein, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12. This, in turn, can make them more prone to certain diseases. We should be especially careful when it comes to children’s nutrition, especially nursing infants, whose only source of nutrition is their mother’s milk or baby formula.
Ready-made vegan food for dogs and cats has been on the market for quite some time now. Dogs, like people, are omnivores and could theoretically go vegan without much harm, even though this is still a controversial statement since no one has conducted serious research on this topic. Cats, however, are predators that need meat or at least animal products. So forcing pets to eat vegan food can very well be regarded as animal cruelty, which contradicts the very essence of veganism.
For now, it’s difficult to say whether humanity will ever give up consuming animal products altogether. In any case, each of us, regardless of our food preferences, can do our planet some good by being more respectful of and careful with nature, animals, and the people around us.


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Environmental changes 3:23
Personal health changes 4:47
Vegan pets 7:19
What would happen if everybody in the US went vegan? 8:28

-Most domesticated animals are too dependent on people and unlikely to survive on their own. Therefore, setting these animals free would mean dooming them to a slow and painful death from hunger, disease, and predator attacks.
-Farms would be ruined since not all of them would have the time or resources to make the switch to cultivating vegetables, fruits, and grains instead of animal products.
-As soon as the number of cattle is decreased, methane emissions into the atmosphere will drop as well.
-Vegan food reduces the risk of developing type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and certain cancers. A vegan diet also significantly contributes to weight loss.
-Forcing pets to eat vegan food can very well be regarded as animal cruelty, which contradicts the very essence of veganism.
-If everybody in the US went vegan, greenhouse gas emissions would go down by 28%, reducing total U.S. emissions by 2.6%. Food production in the country would increase, but that food would likely be short of calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin B12.

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