Are You Emotionally Healthy? Personality Test

17th September 2018

When you get sick, you can take a pill to make yourself better. But things are a bit harder when it comes to your emotional health. Are you having any doubts that yours is perfectly fine? Take this test to find out if you’re emotionally healthy. There’ll be a bonus at the end to help make things better for you.

1. Which villain did you fear most as a child? 1:19
2. Which of the following would you never wear? 1:49
3. If you were reborn, what would you choose to do? 2:19
4. If you could own any of these vehicles, which would you choose? 3:01
5. What is your dream destination? 3:27
6. Which life motto do you mostly agree with? 4:00
7. Do you have any pets? 4:31
8. How much sleep do you get? 5:06
9. What about your diet? 5:39
10. Do you work out regularly? 6:09
11. How much time do you spend outside? 6:38
12. Do you make new friends easily? 7:17
13. Do you often have mood swings? 7:47
14. Is it hard for you to forgive others? 8:23
15. Finally, is the glass half full or half empty? 9:00
Bonus: Common emotional wounds and how to get over them 11:04


– If you scored 150 to 250 points, you must be pretty happy with your life and more than healthy when it comes to your emotions. You cherish every moment, make the best out of any situation, and never hold grudges.
– Did you end up getting 260 to 340 points? You’re just fine emotionally! You’re pretty happy about your life.
– If your final score is 350 to 490 points, you might be going through a rough time in life right now. You don’t seem to be overly happy or optimistic about life.
– If you got 500 to 600 points, you might want to see a doctor because it looks like you have some serious issues. You’re unhappy with just about everything in your life, and you get extremely angry at others and yourself for no particular reason.
– Remember, it’s only about you and the way you feel. There’s not just one definition for normal. If you think you need professional help healing your emotional wounds, don’t hesitate to see a doctor.

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