16 Types of Vacationers You’ll See on Any Beach

13th June 2018

How to Get the Most out of Your Vacation? Summer is the most popular time to travel when we all enjoy hot weather, sunshine, and our time at the beach. There, the most common vacationers type await us. We easily recognize them, and we ourselves are one of them: 16 types of vacationers you’ll see no matter where you go for fun in the sun! The trick to a happy vacation is to take them all with humor.

There are 2 types of people in this world 0:32
They remind us there are 2 types of people in this world when it comes to sunbathing: those who put on sunscreen with maximum protection and those who go for tanning lotion.

The beach awakens our inner builder, hunter, or gatherer. 1:15
Which type are you? Do you prefer to build sand castles, hunt for sealife, or gather shells?

Book lovers on the beach 1:52
If you’re the type who’s always got their nose buried in a book, you probably miss a lot of all this stuff going on around you. That includes beach creeps, fun sports and other activities going on around you. Maybe you could consider giving the latter a go?

Getting in the water 2:07
When it comes to getting in cold water, people come in 2 types: the daring and the slow-moving. The first type rushes in like a cannon ball, while the second type takes baby steps slowly getting in there.

The best way to save yourself from hunger 2:33
Whenever you’re beat down by the sun and don’t feel like going anywhere for a bite or a drink, two words, my friend: beach vendors.


There are 2 types of people in this world 0:32
Revealing time 0:41
Beach snacks lovers 0:54
Not so classy eaters 1:04
The beach awakens our inner builder, hunter, or gatherer. 1:15
The water awakens our fears 1:26
Beach creeps 1:37
Book lovers 1:52
The daring and the slow-moving type 2:07
People to avoid 2:22
Beach vendors 2:33
Matching families 2:42
The active type 2:55
Water lovers 3:08
Sun-blockers 3:20
Tan lovers 3:33

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